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Read an excerpt from “The Listeners”

Since even the objective truth of a Metal Reality review is no match for reading it yourself, Ed let me have an excerpt from the beginning of The Listeners.

Download it by clicking here.

Edward Parnell – “The Listeners”

Like the last book I reviewed here, this is a novel about a troubled family living in England. There are differences, however. This one is set during World War II and never leaves the Norfolk countryside. Is pastoral the right word for that? All of the significant characters are rural working-class, which I think is what pastoral means. But if pastoral seems to imply mild, sentimental or boring, then we need a different word to describe the The Listeners. Such as metal. Continue reading Edward Parnell – “The Listeners”

Michael Kamsky – “Eeyore’s Last Testament”

There might some obvious reasons to say that Eeyore’s Last Testament, Michael Kamsky’s debut novel, is metal. Much like his screenplay for the 2008 film Chronic Town, it is not completely humorless, but it is still unrelentingly dark. Continue reading Michael Kamsky – “Eeyore’s Last Testament”