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Pallbearer – “Heartless”

Here is my review of Pallbearer’s recently released third album of epic progressive doom metal. It’s mostly about Jean-Claude Van Damme (not the album, just the review). Continue reading Pallbearer – “Heartless”

DOTA 2 and The International Tournament

Today we will be discussing the world of DOTA 2, a video game that has grown in popularity the last few years. The largest DOTA 2 tournament of the year took place in Seattle a couple weeks ago, and I was there to witness it in all its bizarre glory. Continue reading DOTA 2 and The International Tournament

Machines vs Trees, Round 1

Machines hate trees. Trees hate machines. No one remembers how it started. But this is where it ends. Continue reading Machines vs Trees, Round 1

Raptor Whispering

By now, many of us have already beheld the shimmering icon of foreign cinema called Le Monde Jurassique. Although, in a gesture of visionary internationalism by the film’s creators, much of the dialogue is in English, some parts of the intricate and carefully wrought script may be inaccessible to the average American audience. Continue reading Raptor Whispering