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Pallbearer – “Heartless”

Here is my review of Pallbearer’s recently released third album of epic progressive doom metal. It’s mostly about Jean-Claude Van Damme (not the album, just the review). Continue reading Pallbearer – “Heartless”


They’re prehistoric killing machines. They generate electricity (at least if they’re the right kind of ray). They heal from wounds that should kill them. They have hell inside them. Continue reading Sharks

Raptor Whispering

By now, many of us have already beheld the shimmering icon of foreign cinema called Le Monde Jurassique. Although, in a gesture of visionary internationalism by the film’s creators, much of the dialogue is in English, some parts of the intricate and carefully wrought script may be inaccessible to the average American audience. Continue reading Raptor Whispering

Bats vs Spiders

Since the dawn of evolution*, two species have vied for one niche in the ecosystem of metal. Today, we settle it. Using rigor.

Continue reading Bats vs Spiders

Care Bears

Yeah, I know, right? This result surprised me too. When I checked the readings more closely, though, I learned a lot about Care Bears.

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