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Pallbearer – “Heartless”

Here is my review of Pallbearer’s recently released third album of epic progressive doom metal. It’s mostly about Jean-Claude Van Damme (not the album, just the review). Continue reading Pallbearer – “Heartless”

Year of the Cobra – “…in the shadows below”

In case you’re trying to guess which year this band is named after before you listen to their excellent debut album, here’s a hint: I don’t think it’s 2016. Continue reading Year of the Cobra – “…in the shadows below”

Vodun – “Possession”

On their debut full length, Vodun redefine balls-out. I don’t know if that’s despite or because of being a majority woman band, but actually, come to think of it, I guess they just define balls-out, because it was a little vague what that expression meant in the first place. Am I having trouble making sense? There’s a reason why.

Whether or not you listen to as much metal as I do, Possession is the soul/jazz/death/rock album you’ve been waiting for. How do I know that? Because there are no other soul/jazz/death/rock albums.

Nothing else — nothing else — sounds like this. Continue reading Vodun – “Possession”

Mad Hatter’s Den – “Excelsior”

If you’re from New York State like me, then you understand exactly why the cover of Excelsior features a flying submarine with a castle sticking out of it. Continue reading Mad Hatter’s Den – “Excelsior”

Infinite Flux – “Infinite Flux”

Our amp, who art in Tacoma, hallowed be thy fuzz. Continue reading Infinite Flux – “Infinite Flux”

Serpent – “Nekromant”

Why say with a review what you can say with a flowchart? Continue reading Serpent – “Nekromant”

Disphere – “Abscience”

If you write a review of a reissue, does that make is a rereview? Continue reading Disphere – “Abscience”