Lemmy Kilmister, 1945 – 2015

… that’s the way I like it, baby.

I don’t want to live forever.

But if living how you choose is what really matters, then he is immortal. Continue reading Lemmy Kilmister, 1945 – 2015

Disphere – “Abscience”

If you write a review of a reissue, does that make is a rereview? Continue reading Disphere – “Abscience”

Read an excerpt from “The Listeners”

Since even the objective truth of a Metal Reality review is no match for reading it yourself, Ed let me have an excerpt from the beginning of The Listeners.

Download it by clicking here.

Lost Soul – “Atlantis: The New Beginning”

Aside from having an infallible Metal Detector, the only thing that really qualifies me to review this Lost Soul album is that I’ve visited their home city Wrocław three times. The first two were weekend trips in my mid-20s that I don’t remember very much about except that I ate a lot of pierogis, drank a lot of Żywiec and slept in an apartment inherited by my colleague from his grandmother, full of all her grey and pink and brass stuff, on a bed with a wedge-shaped pillow built into the mattress, and it definitely still smelled like her. The third trip was the one that sounded the most like Atlantis: A New Beginning. Continue reading Lost Soul – “Atlantis: The New Beginning”

When Bitter Spring Sleeps – “Spirit in Flames”

A lot of black metal records are scary because you think the screeching vocalist might be warning about an oncoming cataclysm wherein a ravaging pack of supernatural wolves bring civilization low. It’s spooky because you’re not sure. Spirit in Flames is spooky for a different reason. It’s spooky because you ARE sure. Continue reading When Bitter Spring Sleeps – “Spirit in Flames”