Year of the Cobra – “…in the shadows below”

In case you’re trying to guess which year this band is named after before you listen to their excellent debut album, here’s a hint: I don’t think it’s 2016.

I was going to post a review of YOTC’s show that I went to a few months back, but my memories of the event are imprecise because most of the oxygen in my lungs was replaced by molecules of aerosolized awesome.

Having since examined …in the shadows below under controlled atmospheric conditions, I can instead hold forth on the impressive quality of YOTC’s recorded work, which I will do by writing lots of sentences which are very descriptive so you will somehow be able to figure out exactly what it sounds like just by reading the review. To begin with, the bass riffs are very . . . you know what, fuck this. FLOWCHART!!!

(click to open zoomable image)

Listen to …in the shadows below on Bandcamp by clicking here, or get it on vinyl by clicking here.

If you’re in Seattle next Saturday, March 18, 2017, go see Year of The Cobra at The Funhouse.


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