Different Animals Who Are Friends

Are they metal?

Got me, but you clicked on it.

raven doberman

Rosie the Doberman ❤ Damocles the Raven

These two were brought to the Metal Reality Rescue Farm as puppy and egg. No one thought they would get along, but now Rosie has discovered she loves carrion, and Damocles scares the living shit out of anyone who messes with your kids!


shark scorpion

Shark ❤ Scorpion

These two cuddly-wuddlies are bonding over the entire Slayer
catalogue. They think you are poser.


elephant snake

Chocolate the Rattlesnake ❤ Azrael the Elephant

As in any good mosh pit, I can’t tell if they’re playing or just not very good at killing each other.


rhinoceros worms

This Rhinoceros ❤ Some Worms

You don’t get to judge.


Rover the Falcon ❤ Mr. Mittens the Tyrannosaurus

Please direct questions to the stoner doom department.


Bat ❤ Rat

Didn’t find out they were different species until they started school.


mountain lion vulture

Mountain Lion ❤ Vulture

Saw the kitten and the owl. Only in it for the money.


mountain lion vulture durst

Mountain Lion ❤ Vulture ❤ Fred Durst

I don’t know how that got in here. That picture is obviously fake.


lemmy penguin

Lemmy ❤ A very accomodating Penguin

I didn’t think that brooding eggs between your feet during the harsh Antarctic winter improved respiration, but hell, what do I know?


tgw panda

Tom G. Warrior ❤ Wulin the Panda

One of them is a dangerous force of nature that only eats plants. The other one is a bear.


Falcon by Mike Baird.

Worms by Mark D. Martin.

Rattlesnake by Tigerhawkvok

Penguin by Samuel Blanc.

Scorpion by Rosa Pineda.

Panda by Chen Wu.

Tyrannosaurus by J.M. Luijt.

Tom G. Warrior by David Tyler.

Vulture by Mike Baird

Lemmy by Rama.

Rat by Jean-Jacques Boujot.

Shark by Travelbag Ltd.

Elephant by Schuyler Sheperd.

All images credited here used under Creative Commons License.




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