Mutoid Man – “Bleeder”

Can anything that’s this much fun be metal? If I’m feeling down, metal should make me feel like feeling down is awesome, not make me feel better. And yet, how can anything that’s this damn loud not be metal? What in the name of negativity are you doing, Mutoid Man? Why are you making me happy with your heavy, aggressive music? Do you even know how confusing that is?

Can I say that between these guys and Wild Throne, I’m starting to get into this whole well-written-lyrics-you-can-actually-hear-thing? “Some day I’ll learn, some day I’ll learn / AKA never.” I don’t care if it’s not metal — it’s good. “Sweet Ivy looks so good to me / You know ivy, everything is green.” I don’t care if you don’t like it, I do. It’s about a girl. It’s not about marijuana. I can tell because the track ends with someone cursing out the high-hat.

There is definitely plenty of humor on Bleeder, but it’s not a comic relief record. It’s more like, if Ruby the Hatchet are the Electric Mayhem of metal’s 70s/80s revival, Mutoid Man are like what you would get if the pirates in The Princess Bride turned in their cutlasses and started a band. It’s charming, but it’s also very post-something. Mutoid Man don’t really sound like any of those psychedelic revival bands, and certainly not like any of those 70s or 80s bands, so maybe they’re post-revival, but you did look at the cover art, right?

Muppets have short attention spans, which might be why this LP is somehow shorter than some EPs I know, but I guess that just means that I can listen to it again sooner.

Put on your bell-bottoms and black t-shirt and check out Bleeder on Bandcamp.

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