I know it’s not a guitar or a drum set or a chainsaw, but come on, have you SEEN the people who play these things?

File Photo, Lon Chaney in "The Phantom of the Opera" 1925. credit: Universal Pictures

For real, Metal Detector, what’s your problem?

Dublin_Roman_Catholic_St._Audoen's_Church_Organ_2012_09_28 FINAL

Here we go again. Guilt by association. I guess that’s just the way the cookie of rigor crumbles.

Still, you know there’s more to say about how metal organs are if they can shoot fire. As seen in the photo up top, that’s a noteworthy feature of the organ Lucy Hosking built for Burning Man 1998. It combines regular organ pipes with truck horns and the base is made from a Harley Davidson golf cart, but that wasn’t metal enough for Hosking, so she decided to name the thing Satan’s Calliope.

Organs are uncommon in metal music, unless you’re talking about the kind on early Carcass records.

carcass word cloud

Still, there are a few bands out there who find ways to sling the ivory and pedals along with more conventional metal instrumentation. Some of them sound like this…

Okay, I’m sure that got you dancing the tango, but as metal subgenres go, funeral doom might not be your first stop for burnishing an instrument’s credentials.

If you really want to understand what organs have to offer metal, you need to go full muppet.


And if you want to go full muppet, you have to go Ruby the Hatchet.

In the name of organic overload, RtH are now touring with Uncle Acid and Ecstatic Vision. I think the only reason they didn’t bring Sacri Monti is there’s no truck big enough for all those organs.

Speaking of size, that reminds me. One last thing. We’ve seen that organs are the fire-throwingest musical instrument. They are also the most muppet. Metal enough for me already. But there’s also the Atlantic City Convention Hall Organ, which is the largest musical instrument in the world. And you know it else? It’s the loudest.

Satan’s Calliope photo by campsnowkoan. Used under Creative Commons License.

Church organ by Andreas F. Borchert. Used under Creative Commons License.

Lon Chaney picture stolen from Universal Pictures.

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