InAeona – “Force Rise The Sun”

The cover art is not misleading. Force Rise The Sun pretty much sounds like it should be the soundtrack to the next Mass Effect. Is it futuristic? Is it 90s? It’s both. Because synthesizers.

But synths just permeate Force Rise The Sun. They don’t saturate it. In the dystopic future where Fear Factory conquer the planet using their robot hordes and a few vampire marionettes courtesy of The Birthday Massacre, a ragtag army of humans, computers and dogs will band together to retake their freedom, and InAeona will be what’s on their headphones. By which I mean, the electronic effects on Force Rise The Sun are an integral and carefully balanced element of instrumentation, rather than a substitute for it.

The futuristic beats and buzzes on this album play with, beside and off the guitars, vocals and drums instead of trying to augment or substitute for any of them. Yeah, the drums could be triggered for all I know, but either way, James Dunham does a lot of drumming on this record, and it’s really important to the songs. The machines make a lot of deep, machiney sounds, but you can always tell them apart from Dave Soucy’s bass, and you can always tell that Dave Soucy is not a machine. I wouldn’t be the first writer to compare Bridge Laviazar’s singing to Björk’s, and the effects probably have a lot to do with that, but if she sounds like Björk, that must mean that Björk’s next performance art piece is going to involve coming over to your house, drinking all the beer in your fridge, and then, when you get all pissed off about it, taking out an oxygen-acetylene torch and showing you how to use the components of the fridge to make a really cool telescope that you can use to watch the flying car race on Planet Awesome, and then you will be totally cool about the beer thing. And Laviazar’s guitar knows a lot of technological words, but the languages it speaks are rock, punk and metal.

If I still haven’t convinced you that InAeona can turn the robots’ own methods against them, I suggest watching this:

All sci-fi heroes, click this link to check out Force Rise The Sun on Bandcamp.

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