Right, I know what you’re thinking: “But what about the annihilation?” Metal annihilates. Nukes annihilate. So what could be more metal than nukes?

Sure, if I got my hands on a nuke, it’s not like I would just put it on top of my bookshelf next to the speakers and potted vines and point the thing out during lulls in party conversation. I’d take my nuke, get on the first boat to Antarctica and smack my nuke down on the ice somewhere in the interior where the penguins won’t complain about my nuke. Then I’d climb an appropriately distant mountain, slap on some shades, pop a cold one, blast a little Paradise Lost and light that sucker up. And come on, you know you would too.

I figured that nukes would be at least as metal as sharks. Certainly more metal than care bears. With use of nuclear imagery so ubiquitous in the metal canon, what could possibly diminish that much metal?

According to the metal detector, the answer to that question happened seventy years ago this week. Annihilation may be metal, but sometimes remembrance is more so.


Today, we’re all fortunate to live in a moment in history when governments ask less “to nuke or not to nuke,” but more “to haz nukes or not to haz.” We’ve heard a lot lately on the theme of the nuke-not-having of Iran, or the lack thereof. Whether you support diplomacy, or you’d rather just bomb them, this show gives you an idea of who we might be blowing up if we go the latter route:


Sorry, did I forget to mention that was from MTV? I guess the dramatic reenactments are kind of, um . . . dramatic. As are the interviews. And pretty much everything. But let’s give ’em a break: at least they’re talking about it. If you’d rather skip the the theatrics, you can click this link to hear Master of Persia’s songs on ReverbNation.

Or, if you’re in the mood for something altogether less photogenic, that Iran sure does have them some Nex Carnis, yes they do:

Photograph by Eiichi Matsumoto.

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