They’re prehistoric killing machines. They generate electricity (at least if they’re the right kind of ray). They heal from wounds that should kill them. They have hell inside them. Sharks are metal, and everybody knows it.

And if you know how reliable the science on this blog is, then you probably also know that the Discovery channel is a well-regarded source of scientifically important and rigorously verified information, so you’ve probably already seen this:

But in case you actually still think there’s anything left to find out about nature, you might find this article interesting too. Yes, it seems like everyone who thinks it’s a good idea to drive around in boats and attract sharks with loud music is Australian, but that’s probably a coincidence.

So sharks listen to metal, but does metal listen to them? You’d think more metal bands would name themselves after sharks, but it looks like it’s just these guys. Still, plenty of clever wordplay, there. Once you get to album art, you see more proliferation, as represented by this selection. Some of those covers make me kind of want to check out the album. The last one does not.

If you actually want something you can listen to after all that, the metal guy at NPR has you covered.

Metal shark sculpture by Von Chandler. Follow this link to get your own.

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