Brushing Your Teeth

You can do lots of metal things with your teeth.

For example, you can bare them:

Tooth cutting is metal too:

As a matter of fact, it’s even metal to pray for your teeth:

And there is some evidence that if your teeth are clean, that can be metal:

But I’m not sure that the scorching brightness of Cleanteeth’s clean teeth comes from brushing. It sounds more like they use a dental pelican.

I kind of figured that there was no way brushing your teeth could be metal at all since:

  1. it’s hygienic
  2. your parents tell you to do it
  3. it makes your mouth smell like mint instead of corpses

So imagine my delight when I put my toothbrush in the metal detector, and what I got back was this:

metal teeth

Good thing I got that wireless adapter for the metal detector. Those ethernet cables were always turned into cobras.

I was about to go spin up some Weedeater and pop a fresh tube of Tom’s of Maine, but then something else started to come in through the metal detector’s internet connection. It’s further evidence that . . . uh . . . you can clearly see from . . . no, sorry, I can’t. Just click on this link and get it over with.

Thanks to Robert Gardner for suggesting this post.

Immaculate toothbrush by Gabriel Rocha. Used under Creative Commons license.

Author of metal tooth brusher mosaic unknown. Please contact me if you would like to be credited here.

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