It’s hard to tell how metal these stickers are, but they certainly are real. If you want some, just tell me how many and where to send them in this form:

If you are smart enough to think twice about telling me where you live, you can also download and print your own by clicking this picture:

These stickers look great on:

  • your guitar case,
  • the bathroom wall of your local tavern,
  • your laptop,
  • your trapper keeper,
  • unfinished bridges,
  • a hairless cat,
  • that spot on the refrigerator door that just won’t get clean,
  • the case for your Third Eye Blind cassette tape that no one really needs to know about,
  • the rear-left window of your rusted out Chevy Impala in case the college security officers or state park rangers in your area happen to be really near-sighted,
  • your computer screen, whenever there’s a Metal Reality post that’s unbearable to look upon,
  • or if you really, really hate Metal Reality, these are also good for getting lint off your skinny jeans or Disturbed t-shirt.

To everyone who has, against all reason, given any amount of your valuable time to reading this site during its first month, thank you. You are the reason it happens. Special thanks also to everyone who has accidentally clicked a like or share link: every time you do so, it exponentially increases the exposure that this degeneracy gets. Horns up to every last one of you, and stoked to have you back for month two.

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