Raptor Whispering

By now, many of us have already beheld the shimmering icon of foreign cinema called Le Monde Jurassique. Although, in a gesture of visionary internationalism by the film’s creators, much of the dialogue is in English, some parts of the intricate and carefully wrought script may be inaccessible to the average American audience.

In particular, many viewers have expressed frustration regarding scenes in which the film’s protagonist (whose name is Some White Guy) is seen communicating with Velociraptors, speakers of a culturally rich but often marginalized dialect of Jurassican. Actually, people come up to me all the time and say, “That movie changed my life, but what the hot hell are those damn raptors saying to SWG?”

The film makers want to challenge you, so they didn’t put any subtitles on this promo clip.

But I did.

With apologies to Mr. Boothman-Shepard.

Video and image are probably copyright of Univeral Studios or something.

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