Kung Fury

Initial predictions have been verified. Justice-dealing dinosaurs, vikings with machine guns, and having a cobra for a spirit animal are all just as metal as they sound. So is a little bit of the soundtrack, even. In a way though, the most metal thing about this movie is the basic intention, which is to celebrate the 80s with as much accuracy as possible.

Not sure what I mean? This is what Chuck Shuldiner told Slayer Mag in 1988:

“. . . we are going to sing about zombies and shit like that! Some of the new songs are all still gore!!! Like real life creation. We take some ideas maybe from the articles in the papers or something which is really good, and our ideas I kinda ad to it. You know, like something from myself. It’s kinda weird, but it’s all going to be gore! that’s what it will be all about![sic]” (134)

Yeah, yeah, Metalion was still learning English, so maybe that isn’t exactly what Shuldiner said. And yes, I know there weren’t any zombies in Kung Fury, confusingly. But look, here’s the point: Kung Fury is what it is for a reason. And that is the same reason that every song Death released in the 80s is what it is. And that, therefore, is the same reason that all of the metal released ever since is what it is.

Because in the 80s, things like zombies and talking dinosaurs were real.

And newsworthy. Yet only people like Chuck Shuldiner and Kung Fury (which, yes, is the name of the protagonist in Kung Fury) had the conviction to do something about it. That, if nothing else, is what makes Kung Fury so metal.

Get kung furious here.

Thanks to Jason Rathbun for suggesting this post.

Kung Fury promo poster by Andreas Bennwik.


Shuldiner, Chuck. Interview with Jon Kristiansen. Metalion: The Slayer Mag Diaries. Ed. Tara G. Warrior. Brooklyn: Bazillion Points, 2011. 134. Print.

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