Weedeater – “Goliathan”

The sticker on the cover says Weedeater are the “soon-to-be gold standard of Southern Sludge Metal.” In other words, the gold standard of Sludge Metal? And does “soon-to-be” mean something like “ever since two or three albums ago?”

The fuzz is metal. The groove is metal. The sloth, with his claw, is metal. The metal is metal. Even the blues interludes are kind of metal. The bass is . . . so . . . . . . loud. Put this on in your truck and do donuts in the parking lot of burning Walmart on the fourth of July.

When I got the LP at Maryland Death Fest, the guy at the Season of Mist booth gave me a package of tiny, tiny napkins  and said “Can’t enjoy it without these.” It was nice of him, but I still wish I could figure out why this band is so interested in lawn care.

Check it out on Bandcamp.

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