Care Bears

Yeah, I know, right? This result surprised me too. When I checked the readings more closely, though, I learned a lot about Care Bears.

It turns out Care Bears are made of two equal parts. One of those parts is caring. I almost thought caring wouldn’t register on the metal detector at all, and it almost didn’t, but then again, take a look at these guys:


If nothing else, caring about metal is metal.

So that’s one part of what Care Bears are. Then there’s the other part:

Jean-Pierre Lavoie FINAL

So thanks to modern technology such as adding and subtracting, we now know exactly how metal Care Bears are.

And if you don’t believe in science, just read the page where I found that picture.


Thanks to Sarah Weil for suggesting this post.

Bear photo by Jean-Pierre Lavoie. Image used under Creative Commons license.

Metalheads photo by Mortuorium. Image used under Creative Commons license.

3 thoughts on “Care Bears”

  1. Agreed…and after buzzing thru that article I am wondering the Metality of Harry Potter, Halloween, and Sandi Martinez’s teeth. Save those analyses for a rainy (Metal) day?


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